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20+ years in business.

Referrals are my biggest accomplishment and by far the largest compliment I could receive. Travelling throughout Canada and Internationally to work with businesses, municipalities, and First Nation organizations tells me I am excelling; 23 years later, I’m still eager and excited to start each day.  

Coaching Kudos

Clients We've Worked With
Coaching Kudos

"Janice is the gift you give yourself.

If you want more out of any aspect of your life Janice listens to your needs and then helps you flush out ‘the crap and tease out’ the good. She holds space, or a mirror, while you step or leap to that next goal.  She unlocks the personal and professional setbacks that got you stuck.  She helped me work through a loss of direction, where I lacked joy and belief in myself.  I tried many things to right my course, but it was working with Janice that brought clarity, self-awareness, purpose, intention, and most importantly self-love back to me so I could move toward my desired future self."


                  Theresa Hafeli, Parent

and Educator

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Alexandra Stevenson
Jackie Chapman
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“One of the main reasons I sought out a professional coach was that I was having a hard time setting boundaries in every aspect of my business. This affected my schedule and efficiency.   As much as I tried to resolve issues myself, I didn’t have the right tools or strategies to overcome obstacles. 


Janice helped me establish processes to secure business, set personal boundaries and enrich relationships that benefit my business. My verbal and written communications are now on point, and I stand grounded in business ownership and my success.  I love being able to ‘vox’ Janice for guidance as needed which helps my workflow exponentially.   Working with Janice is the best thing I could have done for myself and my business. She saved my business and my sanity."


Jackie Chapman, Owner

Jak. Natural Designs


As a newish speaker and new business owner, I was torn between investing in a business coach or speaking coach – that was, until I found Janice, who I was confident could help me with both. 

What completely clinched it for me was the results I saw from just my exploratory call.

With Janice’s help, I landed a client at - no joke – 10 times what I charged in the past. 


Every time I start to feel scrambled or overwhelmed, I remember that I can reach out to Janice, and she’ll have insight that immediately helps me feel centered again. Having Janice in my corner as I grow my business is easily the best investment I have made to date."

Alexandra Stevenson, M.S., Founder, Speaker, and Educator

The Laughing Survivor

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"I started working with Janice when I woke up and realized that I was frustrated with my life. Although I felt my life was great, I didn’t feel fulfilled.  My career felt stagnant, and I yearned for more creativity, flexibility, and control of my workspace.   Before I was coached by Janice, I spent years complaining and “just getting through.”  I experienced feelings of guilt, fear, and embarrassment. 


Since working with a professional coach, I recognize my old patterns, and behaviours.  I have an appreciation for me and live more confidently. I recognize my strengths, abilities and passions which now guide and fuel me.  I have purchased a new home and launched a business.  Janice supported me, held me accountable and believed in me.  I felt heard from the very beginning and I am so proud of the strengths and courage that she unlocked in me.  I have a real sense of both relief and gratitude."


Cari Crawford, Owner

The Local of Louis Creek Artisan Market

Cari Crawford
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"I knew Janice was the best person to guide me through a career change because of her honest, knowledgeable, warm, but no-bullshit approach.  I was very stuck, confused, feeling dysregulated often, and very unhappy. I couldn't see my options or possibilities and I danced around making a change for years. Janice offered reassurance immediately which helped me feel supported.  She had the skills to help me see career options. 


Since working with Janice, I have gained confidence and the skills to speak my intensions and worth.  Janice grounds me, holds me accountable, and helps me refocus on my goals.  I am months ahead of my timeline to achieving the goals I set out for myself.  Janice created the right conditions for me to believe and action my success.  Thanks Janice."


Rolynda Simpson, Owner/Counsellor

MindWise Counselling & Consulting

Rolynda Simpson
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“I attended one of Janice’s workshops years ago and have worked with her in a coaching capacity for a number of years since. Most recently, I sought out Janice’s services to gain insight and skills to deal with interpersonal challenges in work relationships and to assist staff through difficult conversations.
At the time, I did not have the right language and skills to deal with issues in a manner that was helpful to all parties and struggled to not take negative reactions personally. 
Through coaching, Janice helped me understand my personality type, communication style, and how I was being perceived during conflict. I gained confidence in my leadership style, my self worth improved, and I learned how to reframe my approach as needed during challenging conversations. 
My favourite part of coaching with Janice is her transparency. She has an upfront, no frills communication style which I like. Janice cares and shows it by checking in well after our work is done. That is a real gem not found anywhere!

Leslie Groulx, Chief Administrative Officer 

District of Clearwater, BC

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Leslie Groulx.jfif

“Janice understands local government structure and was very good at assisting me to build a toolbox that I was comfortable using to address HR issues. This enabled me to translate responses to issues with a more direct, yet positive approach.


The most crucial impact for my sanity was that Janice, in her approach, assisted me in understanding my interpersonal issues and how they were translating into my professional space. Janice is very thorough, she checks-in and provides ongoing support and resources. It felt good to know she was invested in my growth.


Working with Janice has helped me to sustain and monitor the stress level that working for local government upper management endures in this day and age. Her approach is clear, easy to work with and she is very good at helping to see the issues more clearly from an objective perspective, rather than internalizing and taking issues personally. Janice was adept at understanding the demographic and unique idiosyncrasies of local government in a rural community.”


Leslie Groulx, Chief Administrative Officer

District of Clearwater, BC

Lesie Groulx
Ministry of Children and Development Log

“Janice provided exceptional leadership coaching when I moved into a senior leadership role.  The work we did together provided direct benefit in my overall presentation as a Director including conflict management and thinking at a 60,000 foot level.  Through coaching with Janice, I was able to develop confidence and tools to step fully into the leadership role I assumed.  She provided a sounding board to process dynamics, a place to be vulnerable while I worked through my challenges and she offered concrete tools to use on an ongoing basis.  Janice’s personalized coaching helped me develop professionally, reach my goals and push myself further than I knew possible. I strongly recommend hiring Janice as your coach.  Her ability to meet you where you are and move you forward to where you want to be is outstanding!

With on-going leadership coaching with Janice, I fulfilled my career aspirations again and then again.  Together we worked to contour my transferable skills and build my reputation as a strong leader in which to acquire an Executive Director position and then Assistant Deputy Minister, BC Ministry of Children and Family Development.  Every leader looking to advance their career should work with Janice Otremba.”


Teresa Dobmeier, Executive Director of Services (Former),

BC Ministry of Children and Family Development, Kamloops BC

Teresa Dobmeier
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“Janice is my lifeline. As an entrepreneur helping to strategize and grow other businesses I don’t know where I would be without Janice. Before every meeting, I give myself my own Janice pep-talk. If I find myself in a tricky situation my first thought is always WWJD: what would Janice do?


Because of Janice I walked out of a meeting with an additional $40,000 added to my contract because she helped me see my value and worth. Janice is always available to give the gentle nudge and stretch goals for optimal results. She is a true gift to the community, constantly giving her energy and resources and I am so grateful to run with her in her powerhouse circle and to call her one of my closest friends.”


Kathy Grant, Owner

The HUB Impact

Kathy Grant
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Niki Remesz 1.jpg

"Working with Janice is transformational! She helped me recognize the types of activities, organizations, people, and clients, I like to lend my talents to and work with while growing my business. Through coaching, I was able to identify and move towards a work-life that is fulfilling in all aspects and balanced with my life goals. Janice asks hard questions that gently guide towards deep-rooted clarity and self awareness."


Niki Remesz, Founder & Owner

Uniquely Inspired Marketing

Niki Remesz
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“Janice is an amazing sounding board, a compassionate listener, and a direct communicator who will hear what you have to say and present you with options you never considered. She's been there... and she won't hesitate to guide you through what's next (firmly, but with empathy). I have laughed, cried and had moments of "eureka!" with Janice. She will challenge you -- and show you you're more ready than you think.”

Kathy Sinclair, Councillor

City of Kamloops

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"I started working with Janice when I needed career focus and clarity.  I had big decisions to make and required accountability to move in the right direction.
I have known Janice for many years in the business community and have always loved her energy, insight and wealth of resources and knowledge.  However, my favourite things about Janice are her positive attitude, her getting to know me as a person and continually saying things to me that really resonated - and she is hilarious!
There is no need to ever be nervous or insecure about reaching out to Janice.  She will be honest and always puts your needs first.  And you can achieve so much more with her guidance.


Sheri Noble, Co-Owner

Twisted Nails Creations 

Sheri Noble
Kathy Sinclair
Radiant Life Naturopathic Centre.png
Tracy Levins.jpg

“Opening up my own Naturopathic clinic has always been my dream and I can definitively say that I couldn’t have done it without Janice. With the help and guidance of Janice, I have been pushed outside of my comfort zone and learned to step into my leadership role. Janice’s unrelenting support, guidance, and dedication to foster my personal and professional growth have completely transformed my life. My business has succeeded and with the help of Janice I have the momentum to keep growing, building, and learning.”

Dr. Tracy Levins, N.D, Owner

Radiant Life Naturopathic Centre

Tracy Levins
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“Quite simply: Janice is amazing. She has been instrumental in helping me not only manage, but greatly improve all aspects of my life from my relationships with my partner and friends to growing my business and reducing my stress in the workplace.


She achieved all of this through coaching, poking, and prodding me until I was able to discover my truths, and never letting me lay down any bullshit. Janice was instrumental in helping me rediscover that I was responsible for everything in my life, both the good and the bad, and that the only person who could implement change was myself. Once we hit that point, man, did she ever hold me accountable for it. She was the first to celebrate my successes with me, and the first to cut through any garbage I'd try to lay down when blocking myself from moving forward.

When I first met Janice, she introduced herself by saying: "I am the kind of coach that will kick your ass first and hug it out with you later." I knew she was the perfect fit for me then and she has surpassed all my expectations throughout our 2-year coaching relationship. I am truly grateful for all that Janice has helped me to achieve and the path of success that she has set me on.”


Charles Hurtubise, CEO

Xilium Recruiters Inc.

Charle Hurtubise
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Kim Mangan.jfif

“I started coaching when I was unsure of the direction my professional life would head in. Janice patiently and systematically walked me through the obstacles that I was facing while giving me real life tools that I could use to ensure my success. The skills I developed while working with Janice opened new doors for me and have made me a happier and better leader in my work. I would absolutely continue to recommend Janice to professional women and tell anyone who is considering Janice's coaching to think of it as an investment in your quality of your work life. Who doesn't want to be happier at their job!?!”


Kim Mangan, Executive Director

Kamloops Music Collective

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“I knew right away that Janice was the kind of coach I wanted to work with. Throughout our work together, I learned to value my time better and give myself permission to pursue my passions, consider risks, and focus forward. Janice is straightforward, real, and will not hesitate to challenge you to think broader and acknowledge your value. 


Holly Sorgen, Executive Director

Community Futures Grande Praire & Region

Head Shot.jpg

“I approached Janice with several business goals in mind.  Janice’s approach was specific and directed to my needs.  Outcomes ranged from increasing my revenue, to staff training and infrastructure. She is a vibrant, high energy person whom I was available to bounce ideas off.   Janice was exceptional for helping me overcome bureaucracy and other barriers. She quickly helped me find solutions and move me forward. It's been great working with you Janice - until next time!


Kris Olson, Owner

Wild Flour Bakery and Cafe

Kim Mangan
Holly Sorgen
Kris Olson

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