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truth bomb—

the hidden leak that drains your workplace...

Statistics show that unhappy workers cost the North American business economy well over $250 billion annually in productivity loss.  Gossip, disengagement, resistance to change, conflict, and a lack of a foundation in leaders' communication skills slow down the wheels of your organization, and frankly - makes it hard to get shit done.

Here's the Thing—


of employers believe employees leave for money


of employees
quit their boss not their pay


of employees understand company goals


of employees time is spent on company goals

stuck in a cycle?

You know that having an engagement strategy could have a positive impact on your organization, but you have no idea how to put training and systems in place to make that happen. You’ve held meetings and workshops, but nothing seems to be working. Conflict has become a new normal, and damn, wouldn’t it be great if we could all get along and start moving in the same direction. 


Does this sound familiar? If yes, I can help. Fill out my needs assessment to see how we can make a meteoric impact on your workplace drama, increase talent morale, and performance.
Ready. Aim. Go!

What if you had the tools to recharge your workplace and lead your team farther than you ever thought possible?

There are several reasons why leaders fail to execute.  The 5 Edges of Reality-Based Leadership take you through a trajectory of lenses that identify and dismantle unhelpful leadership cycles.  These underlying principles examine the cost of unmet expectations and its affects on you.


Lack of confidence 

which slows down your growth & success.

Are you a leader with your sights set on an upper-level promotion? And although you know you are exceptionally qualified for the position, you feel a lack of confidence that is stopping you from moving forward and would love guidance in recognizing your value and worth so you can feel empowered?


Together, we can build steps for you to appreciate the transferable skills that make you a strong contender for the new role and most importantly teach you how to ‘get out of your own way’ to feel comfortable and solid in knowing you are ready for new opportunities. 

Stressed Man


Unmet and unspoken 

which create stress & disappointment.

Are you a leader with a staff of really good people who individually, outside of business hours, you honestly like, however, during work hours, frustrations are mounting and regardless of the amount of time, training and mentorship that you've invested, some employee’s performances are still less than desirable? 


Conflict within your people & work culture.

Have you reached critical impact with the infighting of staff?  Has work been unproductive because of the unhealthy watercooler chitchat and debates through emails to avoid direct and meaningful conversations? 


Is sick time at an all-time high and no amount of team bonding or closed-door conversations are helping?  


The 5.5 Lenses of Humanistic Leadership

how to create a high-performing workplace.

Th 5.5 Lenses

Real leaders create and lead a vision for the future that inspires talent and builds a cultural foundation.  A leader does this; not the HR department, and not a committee.  It’s true that employees want to know why they are doing the work they are doing.  The same goes for you. Leaders can only move into greater success when they know what they want and why they want it.


Our past experiences guide the way we act, learn, and listen. Our experiences shape our understanding of inclusion, social responsibility, discipline, and fairness.  How we feel about the decisions we make, how we feel we are judged, and how we feel about being liked are also shaped by our experiences.  Our experiences also define our level of confidence.  Learning confidence is a skill that can be fostered by leaning into past experiences and allowing your intuition to guide you.


Influence is a learned skill that is largely enriched when a leader is confident.  Power through influence is far more effective than authority.  Talent thrives in a culture where they feel empowered to perform in a way that embraces the organizational vision.  Leadership power is improved by developing others through mentorship and creating supports that ensure success.


You don’t know what you don’t know!  One of the biggest challenges of leaders today is guiding change.  Strategic thinking, prioritizing, and vision are the tools required to steer change. Training is essential as it is the catalyst of progress and relevancy.


This is where leadership THRIVES. As a leader, you are not expected to know all the answers, but you are expected to build a culture where individuals and teams can come together in powerful, meaningful and valuable ways.

Sleep + sex

Self care is essential.  Quality sleep can be elusive. Sleep, nutrition, and exercise are vital to everyone’s well being.  And let's not forget, a little nooky has all kinds of mental and physical health benefits.

"Because of Janice I walked out of a meeting with an additional $40,000 added to my contract because she helped me see my value and worth."

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Kathy Grant, Owner, Hub Impact
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