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Here are some FREE resources, just for you. Self discovery is a beautiful thing! If there is something that you’d like more information about, give me a call or send me an e-mail. Otherwise, enjoy!

If you're not leading yourself well, you're not leading anyone else well either.

Spotlight exactly what needs to shift in order to create the greatest impact for yourself and those you lead with my Leadership Elevation Checklist.

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Janice's latest

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Collaborating to Build Community 
Municipal World Magazine, 2020

"Collaboration is often loosely defined as working together towards a common goal. On the surface, it may appear as such, but it's not that superficial. Collaboration is a process -- a process in which we learn how to lead ourselves, be seen, and be heard. [...] Collaboration doesn't even require you to like one another. You can work really well with people you don't like -- even people you don't respect!"

Navigating Difficult Conversations:
Five Strategies to Lead with Compassion

Municipal World Magazine, 2021

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"Enduring a prolonged state of crisis has radically shifted how we navigate daily life and communicate both personally and professionally. To some degree, stress is unavoidable. [...] But today's world, features unique and more subtle threats along with increased daily demands and emotional strain unlike anything humans have ever experienced."

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Getting back to business in a post-COVID world - Janice Otremba | Municipal World Presents

Certified Executive Coach Janice Otremba talks about shifts in the post-COVID workplace, what managers need to know, and her five lenses on humanistic leadership.

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