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If you're not leading yourself well, you're not leading anyone else well either.

Spotlight exactly what needs to shift in order to create the greatest impact for yourself and those you lead with my Leadership Elevation Checklist.

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Navigating Difficult Conversations:
Five Strategies to Lead with Compassion

Municipal World Magazine, 2021

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Lead to Lift: Cultivating and Engaged Environment
Municipal World Magazine, 2023

"Enduring a prolonged state of crisis has radically shifted how we navigate daily life and communicate both personally and professionally. To some degree, stress is unavoidable. [...] But today's world, features unique and more subtle threats along with increased daily demands and emotional strain unlike anything humans have ever experienced."

"When employees feel there's an unfair division of labour or difference in what can be seen as a perk, it impacts performance and overall culture. The same feeling can arise when high performers are "rewarded" with more work. [...] With a hybrid work environment, employees who are visibly present can end up being given more work by virtue of the fact they are there and not out of sight, out of mind."

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AI Evolution Blending Tech with Human Insight
Municipal World Magazine, April 2024 

"The journey toward integrating AI in the workplace is often met with a blend of skepticism and apprehension. It is crucial for organizations to address these fears head-on. [...] In our modern corporate landscape, a transformative force is reshaping the realm of our workforces and beyond: 
Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is not just technology for technology’s sake."

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Municipal World Presents

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In this episode, “Getting back to business in a post-COVID world,”, sponsored by Western Cities HR, Janice Otremba discusses how municipalities are now experiencing a high level of burnout, what managers need to know, and the five lenses of humanistic leadership.

'Getting back to business in a post-Covid world' with Janice Otremba


Municipal World
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