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I'm Janice Otremba.

drama crusher.

Best-selling author,

Certified Executive Coach,

international keynote speaker and 

I am the secret weapon behind game-changing breakthroughs. I help CEOs, business owners, and thought leaders dominate their leadership skills to better their life, relationships, organization, and community.


Certified Coach

Certified Professional
Co-Active Coach

 International Coaching Federation

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Quantum Endeavors® Inpowered Corporate Coach

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Core Strengths® Certified Facilitator

Clients We've Worked With

Calling out


My clients love working with me because I’m not afraid to drop a truth-bomb AND truth-bombs create massive positive change.


My passion for personal growth, mentorship, and transformation goes back many years; my tell-it-like-it is personality goes back even further. My drive for being a people and performance catalyst stems from being able to think outside the box and stay solution focused in a practical and actionable way.

I’ll hold a vision for you until you can hold it for yourself.

Simply stated—

I support you to lead your best self and your best team.

As a People & Performance Catalyst, I help my clients transform their lives. It’s not just about building the team, it’s about building people up so they can take the next step and helping them shift their perspectives so they believe they can do whatever it is that they have imagined.

Results will never happen if you don't make a change...

Personal development can gloriously suck. Leadership can gloriously suck. But what sucks even more is being stuck in one place, when magic could be happening to finally break old patterns in your life, relationships, and workplace. 


Do you have a vision of where you and your team could be, and are tired of the same ol’, same ol'?


Imagine banishing burnout, boosting talent productivity, and streamlining your systems to bring more morale, life, and mojo to your workplace.


I can help with radical solutions you’ve never thought of before.

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