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We put Janice on at a difficult time, last day of a three day seminar, right after breakfast. Everyone was tired and wanting to go home. Within minutes everyone was sitting up and taking notice…with her humour and honesty. It is no small wonder that she rated right at the top of all the presenters we had. The consistent comment was: 'When can we have her back?' 
- BC Corrections

Popular Keynotes

It's Your Pool, Don't Pee in It.

We all swim in a unique pool called life. The condition of the water, and whether we sink or swim, depends on how we live and interact within our pools. Many of us have lifestyles and work habits we know are destructive, yet we feel powerless to change them. It is our responsibility to manage our own choices, maintain a personal balance, and determine the quality of our life experiences.


Social and physical workplace environment and job satisfaction is an integral part of wellness. Being healthy and well means making daily choices – in our work and home life – that maximize performance and enhance well-being. Through relevant examples and an energetic delivery, I show audiences how to clean their own pools – personally and professionally, be accountable for the maintenance, and enjoy the swim. The water’s great…. come on in!

Damn-it! How to Turn Negative Pressure into Positive Energy

Today’s society is all about high demands, perpetual productivity, a jam-packed schedule, and a daily pace that is go-go-go from the too-early buzz of our alarm clock each morning to the exhausted crash on our pillow each night.


As creatures of habit, we run on empty, fight fatigue, feel guilty because “we should have”, and avoid slowing down or stopping, for fear we may never get going again.


While our hectic lives swirl about us, and we paint on the plastic appearance of being calm, happy and totally together, we find ourselves begging that inevitable question within: “Damn-it! How did I get here?


Stress impacts individuals and organizations alike, causing burn-out, system depletion, and an imbalance that leads to disease – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Damn-it! is a proactive, humorous and insightful presentation that optimizes your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  With high energy and impactful tools, Damn-it! focuses on the unique circumstances of stress and its effects which can lead to an unhealthy imbalance. 


Audiences will understand that a certain level of stress can be a perfectly healthy stimulant toward success and wellness.

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“Book Janice with every confidence that she will deliver!”

Tammy Robertson, Executive Director – Operations, Rocky Mountaineer

Learn strategies for organizational change to drive business growth, development, and success from a top leadership coach, and people and performance catalyst.


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