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Turn stress into success.

Ditch the drama.

I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.  It is the smart leader who recognizes they need help or knows they want to do better. And that’s where I come in. 


Leadership is about understanding who your people are collectively and individually. It's about understanding how your people can resource themselves and ultimately grow as individuals and collectively for the betterment of the organization.

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Let's get real.

I’m not always called in when talent or teams are at their best.

Often, I’m called in when there is misunderstanding, reactionary communication, apathy, discord, power struggles, recurring missed deadlines, and the bottom line is impacted. 

People want to come to work, do better, and be better.  However, this isn’t always easy.  I work with organizations to identify the motivation and behaviour of people’s actions based on two conditions:


1) when things are going well, and 

2) when there is conflict.


Through assessments, interviews, and real conversations, I get at the root cause that may be leading to a lack of productivity, low moral, a sense of apathy or burnout.


In a supportive environment, I work to understand the motivations of each team member.  (No cookie-cutter solution here!) When we are through, there is more accountability, responsibility and influence.  The result translates into ownership and pride in what they do and how they do it. It’s the human skill of relationship intelligence that impacts our bottom line. 

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The quality of your relationships determines the success of your organization.

The biggest contributor to performance is Leadership. Our leadership outcomes include higher productivity, engaged talent, and greater interpersonal and relationship skills. 


I partner with leaders to enhance communication and increase performance across all business sectors as well as First Nations organizations and local government.


How I Work



how your



As a People & Performance Catalyst, my signature performance development process uses Core Strengths® Relationship Intelligence™ (RQ), the theoretical foundation of the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI 2.0).


There are up to five generations in today’s workforce who want to work for organizations that create the conditions that inspire, motivate, and engage them to be their best. More and more, organizations are realizing the benefit of creating a collaborative and thriving culture.

The SDI 2.0 provides the critical foundation on which an organization can build high-functioning, high-performing teams. Unlike other assessments that focus on what we do, the SDI 2.0 helps us understand why we do it and how we relate to each other. 



Certified Coach



Certified Professional

Co-Active Coach


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Quantum Endeavors® Inpowered Corporate Coach

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Core Strengths® Certified Facilitator


CORE STRENGTHS  + Relationship Awareness 



I am a firm believer that as leaders, we do not have the ability to motivate others; we can, however, create an environment where talent and teams can motivate themselves. This requires open and clear communication; individuals must feel heard, supported, and valued on a personal and professional level. 

The Core Strengths® SDI 2.0 (Strength Deployment Inventory) is a scientifically-validated assessment which measures individuals' motives, strengths, response to conflict, and overdone strengths in the workplace. It reveals why we do what we do and how it translates to others.

Grounded in Relationship Awareness Theory® published by Elias Porter (Porter, 1976), the SDI 2.0 assessment provides a common language for understanding what is important to the people around you and how you can work together more effectively.

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As a Certified Core Strengths® Facilitator and Official Partner, I have been using the SDI assessments as my preferred performance development process for over 20 years because it focuses on enhancing self-awareness as a tool for interpersonal effectiveness. The SDI 2.0 celebrates strengths and diversity in the workplace and provides clarity to bridge gaps and blindspots in a concrete, supportive, and empowering way. 

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Suffering is optional... 
until it's inevitable. 

As a People & Performance Catalyst, my role is to support Executives, Business Owners and Thought Leaders, uncover where they get stuck, get crystal clear about who they are as a leader, and the impact they want to create in their life, organization and community.


I offer one to one coaching that underlines the client’s core values and reveals the necessary tools needed both personally and professionally to develop key strategies to enrich strengths, build self-esteem, empowerment, and combat stress.


It’s worth the work — every time!


Through coaching, we develop what is needed to reach the next level of success and how to achieve that goal. The ability to lead yourself is a necessary skill set in today’s complex world.



Certified Coach



Certified Professional

Co-Active Coach


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Quantum Endeavors Inpowered Corporate Coach



Everyone walks out of my presentations and workshops feeling energized, inspired, and equipped with new tools they can use; today.

I speak about tough topics that affect just about everyone, but I do it with:

a) humour, because we learn and retain information when we are having fun.  

b) background information about your company and industry. I do my homework so I can speak to your needs, your culture and give you the right tools.


I use humour and energy to ensure that a message is not only delivered, but also heard and remembered.


"Janice’s adaptable style and approach to her service offerings allows organizations to find the right model of services that works for them based on their team needs."

Lindsay Lord, CEO
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