Turn stress into success.

Ditch the drama.

I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.  It is the smart leader who recognizes they need help or knows they want to do better. And that’s where I come in. 


It's about understanding who your people are collectively and individually. It's about understanding how your people can resource themselves and ultimately grow as individuals and collectively for the betterment of the company.

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Let's get real.

I’m not always called in when teams are at their best.

Often, I’m called in when there is misunderstanding, reactionary communication, apathy, discord, power struggles, people are not getting along, deadlines are getting missed, and the bottom line is impacted. 

People want to come to work, do better, be better.  However, this isn’t always easy.  I work with organizations to identify the motivation and behaviour of people’s actions based on two conditions:


1) when things are going well, and 

2) when there is conflict.


Through assessments, interviews, and real conversations, I get at the root cause that may be leading to a lack of productivity, low moral, a sense of apathy or burnout.


In a supportive environment, I work to understand the motivations of each team member.  (No cookie-cutter solution here!) When we are through, there is more accountability, responsibility and authority.  The result translates into ownership and pride in what they do and how they do it. It’s the soft skills of relationships that impact our bottom line. 


tEAM development

The quality of your team relationships determines the success of your business.

The ultimate outcome of team development is a stronger, highly productive, engaged team that has increased personal awareness, heightened interpersonal skills and better relationship intelligence. 


Working in the not-for-profit and corporate sectors, with small businesses, and with First Nation  organizations and local government, I have been building strong teams that enhance communication and increase performance. 


How I Work

how your



My signature team development process uses Relationship Awareness® (RA) and Core Strengths – the theoretical foundation of the Strength Deployment Inventory® (SDI).


There are up to five generations in today’s workforce who want to work for organizations that create the conditions that inspire, motivate and engage them to be their best. More and more, organizations are realizing the benefit of creating a collaborative and thriving culture.

SDI® provides the critical foundation on which an organization can build high performing work groups. Unlike most personality assessments, the SDI goes beyond behaviour to the motivation behind it, answering “why” people act as they do.



Certified Coach



Certified Professional

Co-Active Coach




Core Strengths Facilitator


CORE STRENGTHS + Relationship Awareness ®

Relationship Awareness ® (RA) is science-based accredited instruments that are effective self-assessments that provide much-needed insight for individuals and teams to manage the complex business relationship challenges in today’s work environments.  They are part of a suite of instruments based on a motivational theory that addresses the motives behind our behaviour when relating to others.


Motives come from our wish to feel a strong sense of self-worth, or purpose.  

Each inventory is designed to provide a unique learning experience for discovering important information about ourselves and others within our circle of influence. They guide people toward better decisions in their choices when relating to others. RA instruments are particularly important for building the skills people need for personal and interpersonal effectiveness, including the capacity to influence others for mutual benefit. 

Every team has core strengths based on the team members’ individual styles of relating to one another, to customers and to key stakeholders. RA helps both the team leader and members of the team to work more effectively with these varied strengths while gaining powerful personal and interpersonal insights.  It helps people on teams identify their personal strengths under two conditions: when everything is going well, and when they are faced with opposition or conflict. 



If you want something bad enough you have to work for it - if you aren’t willing to work for it then you really don’t want it bad enough.

As a people and performance catalyst, my role is to support Executives, Business Owners and Thought Leaders, uncover where they get stuck, get crystal clear about who they are as a leader, and the impact they want to create in their life, organization and community.


I offer one to one coaching that underlines the client’s core values and reveals the necessary tools needed both personally and professionally to develop key strategies to enrich strengths, build self-esteem, and empowerment and combat stress.


It’s worth the work — every time!


Through coaching, we develop what is needed to reach the next level of success and how to achieve that goal. The ability to lead yourself is a necessary skill set in today’s complex world.



Certified Coach



Certified Professional

Co-Active Coach




Everyone walks out of my presentation or workshop feeling more energized and with a pocketful of tools they can use; today. 

I speak about tough topics that affect just about everyone, but I do it with:

a) humour, because we learn and retain information when we are having fun.  

b) background information about your company and industry. I do my homework so I can speak to your needs, your culture and give you the right tools.


I use humour and energy to ensure that a message is not only delivered, but also heard and remembered.


"She will challenge you -- and show you you're more ready than you think."

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Kathy Sinclair, City of Kamloops Councillor & previous Executive Director for Kamloops Arts Council