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20+ years in business.

Referrals are my biggest accomplishment and by far the largest compliment I could receive. Travelling throughout Canada and Internationally to work with businesses, municipalities, and First Nation organizations tells me I am excelling; 23 years later, I’m still eager and excited to start each day.  

Clients We've Worked With

Speaking Kudos

Speaking Kudos

"Western Cities HR Conference has had the pleasure of working with Janice Otremba twice, as both a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. Participants in her sessions commend her high energy, engaging personality and sense of humour.


As conference organizers, we appreciate her wide array of topics, her willingness to go the extra mile to help ensure our conference is successful and her flexibility. She is willing to fill in on a moment's notice which is very  much appreciated by a conference organizer.


We would highly recommend hiring Janice as a speaker or a facilitator."

Dawn McCoy, Event Organizer

Western Cities HR Conference


"With a true focus on wellness within our organization, we were searching for a speaker to facilitate a workshop for an upcoming team conference. After our initial consultation with Janice, we knew that she would bring great energy and actionable advice to her customized workshop and we were right; feedback from our team has been tremendous!


Janice challenged us and left us motivated with techniques to better manage our daily stress and work-life balance, which included providing individual Wellness Action Plans for each team member to take home. Her presentation was very interactive throughout and she provided a safe place for vulnerable group dialogue which added great value.


If you're looking for a dynamic speaker who is engaging, will challenge you, push you to reflect, and provide great coaching - you will find incredible value in your time with Janice Otremba! We give her 5 stars!"

Nick Hawkins, Vice President of Commercial Marketing

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

Nick Hawkins.jpg
Phoenix Centre.png

"Janice was recommended as the facilitator for our Leadership Team Day by of my leadership team members. The focus was to better connect and understand one another as leaders within in our organization as well as to help motivate and lift us as a team. 

Janice is knowledgeable as a leadership coach, facilitator, and communicator, and recognizes team dynamics exceptionally well. She understands the importance of process and action, which she balances beautifully throughout her work. She is exceptional at keeping a group on task and adapts as needed to make space for what is important to individuals. 

A key takeaway from the day is realizing we can support each other and work as a cohesive leadership team even when we all have different accountabilities. Janice created a safe and brave space for us to explore our relationships with ourselves, one another, and as a team. We left with a tangible project that is important to us individually as well as a collective. 

I have worked with many facilitators to help support my staff and Janice is one of the best facilitators I have had the pleasure to work with!"

Sian Lewis, Executive Director

Kamloops Society for Alcohol and Drug Services

SIan Lewis.jpg
Phoenix Centre

"We chose Janice as one of our speakers for the HR Conference & Expo 2022 to address the topics of mental health, wellness, and stress and rate her as a 5/5! Her high-energy presentation was well received by the audience and shared valuable, practical tools to manage stress and prevent burnout.

Behind the scenes, Janice was a pleasure to work with. Her live presentation followed through on her session description and learning outcomes, and she responded to important communications in a timely manner. We hope to work with Janice again in the future."

Annie Wong, Event Coordinator

CPHR BC & Yukon


 “We hired Janice as one of our speakers for the virtual BC Career Development Association Conference 2022. Janice’s presentation was fun, insightful, and highly interactive in a virtual setting. Attendees received practical tools and strategies to enhance their leadership skills and maximize their impact in a supportive role.


Following her session, the virtual meeting room was available, so Janice stayed another 30-mins to answer additional questions; we appreciated the added value she provided in going above and beyond for our conference attendees.  


The feedback we collected was based on the overall conference, and it was no surprise that the majority of responses mentioned Janice as an engaging speaker who they’re eager to hear more from! As an organizer, I would be delighted to work with Janice again! I have already reached out to inquire about other topics she speaks on.”


Sweety Rajpal, Membership, Certification & Event Management

BC Career Development Association


"We invited Janice to be the guest speaker at our annual AGM and conference 2022 to address the topic of our members working to get along, supporting each other, and thinking positively. She came to us recommended as one of our previous area conference speakers whose presentation was very well received. 

A key takeaway that stuck with our team was always challenging a “why” with a “why not” and focusing on what’s working vs what’s not. 

We were impressed Janice went the extra mile to research and reflect who we are and what we do in both presentations. She met with us before and after to ensure she understood expectations and met them. We give Janice 5 stars!"  

BCAHA photo - Diane.jpg

Diane Thornton, President

BC Association of Healthcare Auxiliaries

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"I had the pleasure of working with Janice for the past year and knew she would be an excellent fit for our delegates at the Growing the North conference.  Janice is wonderful to work with.  Behind the scenes Janice is very flexible and accommodating.  On stage, she was absolutely wonderful, thoroughly prepared, and delivered our first virtual conference seamlessly."


Holly Sorgen, Executive Director

Community Futures Grande Prairie Region

Growing the North

"Janice was our virtual keynote speaker at our annual Staff Retreat.  We were very appreciative of the planning that went into preparing, presenting, and debriefing.  Janice is a great speaker who is confident, direct, and knowledgeable.  Our goal of her keynote was to gain insight into how our staff were coping with the pandemic and gauge well being.  Prior to her keynote, Janice created a confidential survey for our staff and shared the "high level" results.  This information was very insightful and a great learning opportunity for our staff to see how we were doing as a collective team.  Equally important, she was able to tailor the speaking engagement to meet the needs of our staff.  We recommend Janice completely."


Kathleen Spalek, Chief Financial Officer

Union of BC Municipalities

"Janice presented ‘It’s Your Pool, Don’t Pee In It!’ at our virtual UBCM staff retreat during the Covid-19 pandemic. Janice brought a great sense of humor and lightness to our event which was very needed for our entire team. We gained solid strategies to implement to help manage maintain a work/life balance and still be productive and healthy. She is a real pleasure to work with."

Pamela Lewis, Principal

Future Focus Event Management


"We sought out Janice for a virtual speaking engagement after seeing her work in person at Thompson Rivers University.  We knew she had the relevant material, experience, and customization we were looking for.  Even from a virtual platform, due to the pandemic, Janice provided energy and passion that hit the mark with our large team of professionals."


Earl Corsi, Woodlands Operations Manager

Tolko Industries Ltd.


“The LGLA holds a province-wide forum each year for local government and First Nations elected officials and senior administrators. This year we brought in Janice Otremba to present “Damn it: Channeling Negative Pressure into Positive Change”. In the session, Janice shared techniques to help our delegates recognize the warning signs of distress, as well as skills to manage and transform that stress into strength and personal achievement. The session went very well and received excellent reviews. Our organization would certainly welcome Janice back.”

Errin Morrison_LGLA.jpg

Errin Morrison, Program Manager

Local Government Leadership Academy

Everactive Schools.png

"We hired Janice for our Shaping the Future session at our conference. We were impressed with Janice’s professionalism and how she engaged participants with interactive virtual exercises. Coordinators gained practical tools to manage stress and everyone left with a better understanding of how to recognize and avoid situations where burn out may occur."

Tracey Coutts, Session Host

Ever Active Schools

LOGO 73.tif.png

"Janice was invited to speak at the School District in-service.  We hired Janice to provide an uplifting and motivating presentation to our Certified Education Assistants who work in the K-12 education sector.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Janice provided two half-day virtual workshop events instead of one full day.  We had great feedback and retention from staff who excitedly attended both workshops.  Janice was professional, and prepared.  She provided relevant and creative content with humour and interest."


Claire Macleod, Executive Assistant of Human Resources

School District No. 73 (Kamloops-Thompson)

E Fry South Cariboo_transparent.png

"We booked Janice’s "Dear Stress - Let's Break Up" workshop for an event we were about to host, and then the pandemic hit.  Because of social distancing measures, Janice offered to host a video conference for us instead.  It could not have come at a better time and it was exactly what we needed.   She was prepared and was able to adapt to last-minute changes to focus on our needs during the pandemic.   She did her research and tailored the workshop to be relevant and on-point.


Janice is down to earth, easy to connect with, compassionate and oh, so funny.  Participants left the workshop with practical takeaways and confidence.  She adapts to her audience and keeps the energy and interest high.  We will definitely book Janice again.  She went above and beyond our expectations."


Trish Schachtel, Executive Director

Elizabeth Fry Society South Cariboo

Thompson Rivers University_transparent.p

“Janice’s ability to offer a complete, competent, and flexible session was received with rave reviews…when we have the opportunity to bring Janice back, we will do so.”

Lori DeFrias, Women in Focus Conference Coordinator, Thompson Rivers University


"Janice gets 5 out of 5 stars from us!  We needed someone passionate, dynamic, and fun for our staff retreat who could link outcomes to our new strategic plan.

She was able to help employees voice their ideas and opinions and feel safe and empowered doing so.  This helped us identify actions for implementing our strategic plan. She met with me to become knowledgeable about us and our culture prior to facilitation.  Janice' personality put everyone at ease and enhanced engagement and participation.  Janice brought value to our world."


France Lamontagne, Executive Director

Kamloops Immigrant Services

BC Corrections Logo.png

“We put Janice on at a difficult time, last day of a three-day seminar, right after breakfast. Everyone was tired and wanting to go home. Within minutes everyone was sitting up and taking notice…with her humour and honesty. It is no small wonder that she rated ras the top presenter we had. The consistent comment was ‘when can we have her back’. We plan on doing that.”

Rev. Ray Parker (retired) BC Corrections

Rev. Ray Parker, Chaplain

BC Corrections

united way logo.png

“Our staff got to know Janice first through a fantastic workshop called, “Dear Stress, Let’s Break Up”. We loved Janice’s style and she made us feel at ease right away. She gave us really useful advice and tools that we implemented right away.”


“Janice Otremba did an excellent job of giving us tips and tools to stay sane as leaders and to protect our time diligently. Her message about holding tight to our glass balls in life (health, family, etc.) and letting the rubber balls (laundry, dishes, filing, etc.) bounce was something I think all of us could relate to and implement immediately.”

Danalee Baker.jfif

Danalee Baker, Executive Director

United Way Thompson Nicola Cariboo

Ever Active Schools
BC Corrections
United Way

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