Turn stress into a powerful motivator

Today’s society is all about high demands, productivity, packed schedules and a daily pace that is go-go-go from the too-early buzz of our alarm clock each morning to the exhausted crash to our pillow each night. While our hectic lives swirl about us, we find ourselves begging that inevitable question within: “Dam-it! How did I get here?”

With humour, energy and personal testimony, Janice helps audiences understand that a certain level of stress can be a healthy stimulant toward success and wellness. Through her customized presentation, Janice teaches clients to view stress management with a more proactive approach.

Learn the importance of deep breathing, the impact of our choices on our stress levels and how to incorporate the skills we need to manage and master stress.

Revealing Results

  • Use proven tools to transform stress into strengths
  • Manage, adapt and accept the process of change
  • Recognize the signs of burnout and what action to take
  • How stress impacts you, your creativity, intellect and emotions
  • How to make the most of your creative force and what it can do for you

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