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Being brave feels like SH*T?!

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

We think of someone who is brave as confident, self-reliant, fearless, and unwavering; That's the way its often portrayed to us; The heroic storyline of a protagonist in a movie, the parent who tells us to stop crying and that it's time to "be a big kid", or the leaders and influencers we follow on social media who share their journey overcoming hardships. There is a key element missing in all of these stories; it's the secret to claiming your boldness, confidence, and self-reliance. Being brave feels like SH*T.

You're insecure, full of self-doubt, paralyzed with fear, and then suddenly you take a step forward...

And then, feeling helpless, hopeless, and desperate, you miraculously take another step forward... and then another step forward... all while your entire body and inner voice are screaming at you to retreat.

THAT is bravery.

The shaky, terrified, insecure, lost child within you, who, through sheer force, wills themself forward and doesn't turn back when things get hard.

Whatever you're going through, whatever feels impossibly challenging... stand tall with wobbly knees and speak your truth. It's the messy and clumsy process you need to go through in order to overcome your own hardships. You are exactly where you need to be, my friend. #YouGotThis

What's one piece of advice you would give to past you, who didn't recognize their hopelessness and wobbly knees as a sign of bravery?



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