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Being an Entrepreneur: It looks like a solitary sport – but it takes a team

Updated: Feb 9

Welcome to the “solopreneur” rollercoaster, where being the CEO of your own company is a bit like starring in your very own one-person show – a thrilling and sometimes dizzying experience. But hold on, because despite the spotlight being on you, it turns out that entrepreneurship is less of a solo sport and more of a team effort. Let’s dive into the delightful world of Ted Lasso for some laughter-infused lessons on how to play the game with a winning team, a good sense of humor, and a coach by your side.

Lesson 1: Building a Winning Team

Ted Lasso, the fictional fish-out-of-water soccer coach, shows us that a winning team isn't a bunch of clones running around. Just like assembling your dream team of Avengers, your business team needs diversity. While you might not have a superhero with a cape, you'll definitely need someone who can save the day when the Wi-Fi crashes.

Identify your champions and your collaborators early-on and ongoing. As your network grows, having individuals that can take on everything from administrative responsibilities, copywriting and a variety of complementary professional services ensures you can continually add-value to the work you are already doing for your clients. Having this dream-team allows me to do what I do best: providing C-suite level coaching and consulting for business owners at all levels.

Remember, in the entrepreneurial world, a well-rounded team is like a box of assorted chocolates – each piece brings something unique to the table, and together, they make a sweet success.

Lesson 2: The Importance of Coaching

In the quirky world of Ted Lasso, our coach isn't just about drawing Xs and Os on a whiteboard. He's the life coach, the spirit animal, the emotional anchor. As a Certified Executive Coach, I get it. Even us coach types need our own Yoda’s to keep us sane. More on that later.

Having a coach is like having a GPS for your business journey – a voice calmly saying, "In 500 feet, turn left at the inevitable crisis, and you'll reach the scenic viewpoint of Success." Embrace coaching, even the captain needs a cheerleader in their corner. A cheerleader that can read (and help you forecast) the next play is even better!

Lesson 3: Teamwork in the Face of Challenges

Life throws curveballs, and so does entrepreneurship. In Ted Lasso, the team doesn't crumble when faced with challenges; they rally together like a dysfunctional yet endearing family. Your business team should be the same – ready to face adversity with a mix of strategy and inside jokes.

Because, let's face it, laughing together is the best way to get through the tough times. When your printer decides to eat an important document, having a team that can find the solution and even the bright side rather than frame it as a disaster is priceless!

And this isn’t just for the case of business expansion; entrepreneurship doesn’t allow for a lot of space when your personal life suddenly and unexpectedly changes directions. Go figure! It was during a particularly challenging personal period that the significance of my team truly shone. My executive assistant at the time, not only managed the business and kept me accountable but was an invaluable resource I knew I could count on to keep the wheels on the bus, and my business coach was able to keep me on track professionally while simultaneously navigating the tidal wave which was Covid. As an entrepreneur, preserving our mental health is vital to present the best version of ourselves to clients, and my team's support was instrumental in this regard.

Lesson 4: Carving Out Time for Strategy

In the mad dash of entrepreneurship, it's easy to forget that strategy is not just a buzzword but a lifeline. Ted Lasso plans his plays, and you should too. Imagine your business as a soccer game – you need a game plan, a bit of fancy footwork, and maybe some dramatic goal celebrations for good measure.

While I might be the face of my venture, there's a dedicated team behind the scenes ensuring that the entire operation functions smoothly. Including that Yoda I referred to earlier; my own personal and professional coach. Why would a coach need a coach? Well, just like some of you, I am the CEO of my own company and being a Certified Executive Coach doesn’t exempt me from the regular stresses of running and growing a business. In fact, being in a business that centres on providing tailored solutions to support individuals and organizations means that my objectives could easily go by the wayside if I am not proactively carving out time to focus on and map out my strategy.

So, fellow solopreneurs, as you navigate the entrepreneurial playing field, remember that while the spotlight may be on you, success is a team effort. Take a page from Ted Lasso's playbook – build a winning team, embrace coaching, tackle challenges with teamwork and laughter, and never forget to carve out time for your strategic victory dance. After all, in the game of entrepreneurship, a little humor and a great team can turn even the toughest challenges into winning moments. Onward and upward, my entrepreneurial comrades!

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