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Taking time to reflect on your coaching experience is an important part of integrating your insights and learnings to maximize your growth. Your feedback also gives me direction on how I can continue to strive for excellence and enhance the services I offer. 

Supporting your success,


How would you rate your experience working with Janice Otremba?

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We'd love to include a photo alongside your testimonial as they are key to building social credibility. Please upload a headshot (or logo) below.

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Would you be willing to provide a video testimonial or participate in a case study interview?

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I understand that this information may be used in various mediums for such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, and website content. I authorize JOCC to copyright, use, and publish these materials in both print and electronic formats. 

In addition, I waive any rights to inspect or approve the finished product wherein my likeness or testimony appears. I agree that I will make no monetary or other claim against JOCC for the use of my name, photograph (if provided), title, and testimonial. 

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