TRU LEADership Conference 2018 Keynote ~ Lead That Change


Thanks for being part of a great session! Lead That Change.

We hope you enjoyed the humour, energy, personal testimony, and quick-wit, I delivered in my keynote packed with punch, aha’s and self-discovery that included identifying your values and how they align with your everyday student, work and life purpose. The role you play at school, work, at home and in life has a huge impact on your life’s outcome. We are given the choice to decide whether we make our life’s desires a reality.

Perceptions of our perceived self-worth will have unravelled, as I examined the role you are being called to do. With openness and a proactive approach, you are able to gain context for social, physical and workplace satisfaction and wellness. Lead that Change is a workshop in itself, but I have passionately put together this exclusive keynote to help individuals, like you, value their choices and embrace life’s experiences, as well as challenges. Many people recognize me as a LEADer and I want you to embark on the journey ahead, ensuring all life’s choices direct you down a transformational path to the desired lifestyle you long to live for. You have the choice to become a powerful influence, not only to others but in your own life.

High demands, productivity, packed schedules, and a record-setting daily pace have us begging for the elusive quality of life and school-work-life balance. We ask ourselves ‘How did we get here’?

Through relevant examples, I have demonstrated briefly on the impact that choices have on your level of satisfaction, enjoyment, happiness, contentment; including, a few skills needed to manage and master stress while recognizing certain levels of stress are a perfectly healthy stimulant toward success and wellness.

This keynote was designed to lead to outcomes that will increase:

  • leadership capacity,
  • identification of responsibility,
  • tactics for stress management,
  • respectful communication,
  • and personal accountability.

What you can expect:

1. Lead That Change | For those of you who did not attend the session, let’s talk! For effectiveness and so it has value, I’m happy to take the time and fill in the blanks together.

2. Identify Your Values Checklist | Ever wonder what is important you? Re-evaluating your core values can help identify and prioritize where your focus needs to be. Look through the lens of your values and ask: Am I in alignment? Am I living according to my values?

3. Process of Change worksheet | Understanding the process of change, it’s impact and how to identify your new status quo.

The consequences of drowning in the pitfalls of finding that student/life and work/life balance (a completely overused term, that some may find non-existent) are low performance, poor mental alertness, unhappiness amongst family and friends, as well as missing the ability to enjoy success. Whether it’s a group effort or one on one to embrace the opportunity to improve ourselves, I would love to hear from you!

I am happy to connect, help, and delve into any of the topics from today’s conference, including the key resources you have kindly come for.

My intention is for this resource material to kick-start and support you in making the changes you want to – need to and go beyond the “Lead That Change” attitude, for yourself and your peers and other like-minded peeps.

If any of the information here relates to you or piques your curiosity, please get in touch, I welcome you to set-up a meeting or a phone call with me for further information.

I look forward to keeping the conversation going. Let’s chat!

Supporting your success,

I welcome you to stay in know at with tips and insight on ways you can thrive in your life and become the ultimate powerhouse in leadership; as the leader of your own life and impact others around you.

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