Happy NEW Year!

We’re just 9 days from September 1st and a fresh opportunity to start organizing our personal lives, careers and businesses. Many of us, myself included, experience September as the true New Year.

Are you ready?

September: the start of a new year

As a kid, this would have been the time of year when you were stocking up on school supplies, getting new clothes and wondering who was going to be in your class. Another year of learning new things and growing towards fulfilling your hopes and dreams for the future.

Now that we’re adults, summer ending still signifies a time for new beginnings. A recent study from Experian mentions that September is a more successful time of the year than January for people to make and stick to their lifestyle changes and goals.

September is just around the corner, and with it comes exciting energy. It’s an opportunity to revisit and evaluate our progress in reaching our goals. For those goals we haven’t reached yet or have lost track of, we can reset ourselves and re-commit to attaining them.

With September nearly here, ask yourself:

  • Am I on track?
  • Do I still want to achieve this goal — the outcome?
  • Personally and professionally — how am I doing with my ‘January’ goals?
  • Have I lost sight of the goal completely?
  • If I’m not where I want to be — what will I change?
  • What practices and habits have served me well to date?
  • How will I make the most of the last few months of this year to finish strong?
  • Is there anything I’m still frustrated with? What can I do differently?
  • What do I need help with? Who can I ask for help, guidance, mentorship?

So… What IS your current status? Be honest..

Remember that list of detailed tasks you kept telling yourself you’d take care of when summer was over and you were back from your holidays?

News FLASH: summer is almost over and you need to start checking items off your to-do list.

Are you panicking because there are only 4 months left in 2016? Are you stressed about organizing your schedule? Will you be able to stay calm through the upcoming holidays, family events, and the busiest quarter of the year?

As we pull ourselves away from patios and slip out of our swimsuits, we need to shift our mindsets from vacation mode and jump right into the routines that September brings with school and work. It won’t be long until the calendar fills up with commitments, business meetings and social events. September is the best time to be proactive in setting ourselves up for success before the chaos of the holiday season arrives – seriously I was in Costco yesterday and the Christmas decorations are out already!!

I highly recommend using the first week of September to take a pause from such concerns and catch our breaths. We can reflect on the past eight months to realize how far we have come — our successes and failures — and what we plan on doing with the remainder of the year. It’s a reminder that although the year is nearly over, there is always time for change. As the leaves change colours around us, we, too, can become more colourful and regain our purpose. It’s the end of summer, but the beginning of something different.

Create Your Plan

September is the perfect time to set our intentions and expectations on how we want to improve over the last third of the year. Everyone is in the same boat as you and I – we are all diving back into a busy routine.

It is time for us to figure out what we want and set a clear plan as to how we’re going to make it happen. It’s time to brainstorm on how to excel in the office and how best to maintain clarity within our personal lives.

In the business world, we’re entering the last quarter and the launch of a new fiscal year. Businesses analyze the financial numbers produced to this point and use their discoveries to create a plan to produce a higher profit in the following year. Getting everything in order now is essential to have success in the next year and beyond.

At home, schedules are changing with the school year. Kids want to try new hobbies and you’re planning how to juggle all their activities. New routines for homework and bedtime are coming into play. Then there are family holidays, birthday parties, and corporate functions to throw in the mix too. The months ahead are busy and can be stressful, unless you plan ahead and decide how you want to manage your time.

You can avoid scrambling through the chaos of the next few months, starting with these two steps:

  1. Develop S.M.A.R.T goals that excite you and resource apps and connect with people that can hold you accountable to keeping on top of them; reach out to your boss, your favourite co-worker, your coach, your friends, your partner and even your kids.
  2. Organize your time. Figure out a course of action for each goal – how much time and energy each commitment needs – and absorb the reality of it all. If it’s too much, scale down and revisit which ones are your ‘must do’ versus ‘nice to’ and build your plan for the BIG ones — the meaningful ones first.

Create your own experience

Just like when you set new resolutions with the rest of them in January, starting fresh in September is about aligning your future and everything you do within it, with your core values.

Put yourself in the mindset of how you want to experience what’s to come.

With everyone going back to school and back to work, September comes with an exciting new energy. Absorb that energy and put it towards creating a positive outlook; Be proactive, rather than reactive to what’s already happened in 2016 and get excited about what can still happen in the next few months!

Ask yourself:

Where am I now and where do I want to be at the end of this year? What about the next 5 years? How will I make those dreams manifest, starting now?

The new year is just 9 days away!

Let’s kick it off with a plan and make it the best year yet!

Excellence Abounds!

I’m Janice Otremba, a professional speaker, facilitator and coach who specializes in Beating Burnout, Lowering Stress and Powering Up Your Happy! Let’s kick your butt into gear with simple, sound advice for beating burnout and powering up your happy. Book a free 15-minute consultation call with me to get started!

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