“Janice helped us transition from managing to owning our business. She provided pertinent, and strategic support and firm prompting to help us recognize and fill gaps to make changes.

Change is stressful, but Janice pushed the growth from my entire team. After SDI, my team is communicating effectively, and when they don’t they can instantly see where the error was and learn from it, rather than blaming or not taking accountability. This has reduced the stress from the team to allow them to focus on our customers.

It is amazing how much time and money is saved when your team is not fighting fires but actually truly focused on the business. Janice helped guide our team to success. She is an inspiration and an absolute ‘catalyst for change’.”

~ Petland - Kamloops, BC

“Our organization has worked with Janice Otremba for a number of years. Janice has always provided us with an organized and enlightened approach to better understand the dynamics of our working relationships. Most recently Janice worked with our group delivering the Strength Deployment Inventory. During this process our senior leaders gained a greater understanding of each of their personal traits, along with the traits of others, as well as a understanding of the working relationships between them. These sessions opened the door for greater communication and cooperation throughout the group. Along with the our group interactions, Janice has also provided one on one support and coaching.

Working with Janice has placed our organization in a stronger position moving forward.

Thank you Janice.”

~ Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing

“Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for speaking at our recent Local Government Administrative Professionals Conference in Kamloops on “Dam-it! Channeling Negative Pressure Into Positive Change”. On behalf of LGMA and our organizing committee thank you for being absolutely fantastic, real, engaging, funny and energetic!

From the comments we received through our conference evaluation, your inspirational session was well received by our delegates with it being one of the highest ranking sessions at the conference. I am including comments taken from our evaluation regarding your session so you can read first-hand how your presentation impacted them.

I really enjoyed getting to know you and wouldn’t hesitate to work with you again. Thank you for kicking off our conference as a stellar speaker and being part of this year’s success.”

~ Local Government Administrative Professionals Conference

“Book Janice with every confidence that she will deliver!”

~ Rocky Mountaineer Railtours

“We put Janice on at a difficult time, last day of a three day Seminar, right after breakfast. Within minutes everyone was sitting up and taking notice…with her humour and honesty. It is no small wonder that she rated right at the top of all the presenters we had.”

~ BC Corrections

“Her rating with the audience in relevance and content as well as entertaining delivery was outstanding! We would highly recommend Janice as a speaker at any conference!”

~ BizTECH Conference

“Janice is an outstanding communicator. The feedback that I have received on the work Janice has done…has been EXCELLENT!”

~ Venture Kamloops, Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD) BC

“We consulted Janice to assist us in improving our team approach to managing Venture Kamloops, the Thompson Nicola Regional District’s Economic Development and Tourism Corporation. Janice guided us through an engaging daylong workshop that led us all to a better understanding of each other’s motivational values and how those values influence our personal and professional interactions. The workshop gave staff the tools for developing a stronger team approach and a language for non-judgmental feedback that we can use to improve our working relationships. The process was interactive, fun and highly effective.”

~ Venture Kamloops TNRD, BC

“Our housing cooperative contracted Janice Otremba to facilitate Relationship Awareness Theory™ (RA) Training in April 2016.

Janice’s in-depth understanding and her excellent facilitation gave us a new level of communication, richer understanding of one another and deeper respect for how each of us lives and functions in our common living arrangement.

I feel more skilled and empowered to approach group consensus decisions in a new way; from dealing with occasional conflict as they arise, to reaching conclusions more agreeably with organization and efficiency.   I am feeling better equipped to manage conflict in a more respectful and productive way.

I’ve been involved in many different formats and types of group communication and personality tools from Myers-Briggs to Colours and many in between.  I have found RA to be the most clear and useful training.”

~ RareBirds Housing Co-operative

“Janice is a compassionate, understanding, encouraging and positive coach that inspires me regularly to achieve my goals and to reach beyond my fears as a business owner. With decisive strategies and a great understanding of my strengths and weaknesses she has helped me to reach new financial goals and achieve work-life balance through organization and streamlining. I highly recommend Janice as a business coach to any entrepreneur.”

~ Wild Sage Events

“Janice’s ability to offer a complete, competent, and flexible session was received with rave reviews.”

~ Women In Focus Conference

“It was a pleasure to work with resource personnel who are so organized and committed to their subject.”

~ Mountain High Conference - A Recreation Rendezvous

“Janice demonstrates excellent facilitation skills and public speaking skills. She uses a variety of teaching styles and appropriate games to enhance different learning styles. She is conscious of diversity in the population she teaches and tailors her presentation to meet both individual and group needs.”

~ Kamloops Sexual Assault Counselling Centre, BC

“Your willingness to involve and acknowledge a First Nations reference and response using the Shuswap native language to the staff, particularly struck a positive ending note.”

~ Bonaparte Indian Band - Stuctwesemc Indian Government of the Shuswap Nation

“As a ‘community service’ non-profit society we deal with all manner of situations that often involve quick thinking, quick meetings, and quick action.  Respectful communication with one another is a necessity but can be a challenge.

Working with Janice and SDI revealed to me that two people can have very different personalities but the same driving force.  I found it fascinating that our use of language, inflection, body posture, etc. can be so misunderstood.  Now, I jump to conclusions less and consider the person’s ‘Inventory’ and motivations first.  With a greater awareness I am less quick to judge and more open to understand. I now realize that the success of the organization is what we all value.”

~ Logan Lake Wellness, Health and Youth Society

“Janice was hilarious, approachable, real and upliftingwith her personal stories. Her presentations were customized to meet our needs and delivered in a very professional manner. Above all, Janice was able to show us how to create a positive workplace during our times of stress.”

~ Boys and Girls Club of Canada

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