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Every team has core strengths based on the team members’ individual styles of relating to one another, customers and key stakeholders. Relationship Awareness (RA) helps both the team leader and members of the team work more effectively with their varied strengths, while gaining powerful personal and interpersonal insights.  It helps people on teams identify their personal strengths under two conditions: when everything is going well, and when they are faced with opposition or conflict. 

The data and insights from these assessments and other tools allow you to build game-changing organizational development programs and develop the specific skills in people that create high-performing individuals and highly effective teams.


    1. The Strength Deployment Inventory® (SDI®) helps leaders at all levels focus on how they communicate and work with one another and how they use individual and team strengths in light of their business and department needs. The result is reduced conflict and increased collaboration and trust, building productive work relationships for sustainable results.The SDI® provides the critical foundation on which an organization can build high performing work groups, productive cultures and more collaborative teams. Unlike most personality assessments, the SDI® goes beyond behaviour to the motivation behind it, answering “why” people act as they do. People who experience the SDI always find it easier to relate to their colleagues because they understand and appreciate what’s important to them.


    1. The Strengths Portrait™ provides each team member with the opportunity to rank order 28 personal behavioural traits in order to produce a picture of their most and least important ways of relating to others.  Results of this inventory provide the necessary foundation for understanding how the option of using different strengths in different situations can contribute to better results. Team members learn that even though some people may be motivated by the same things, each person has the potential to use different behaviours and communication styles to reach their intended outcomes.The Portrait is an ideal tool for defining individual strengths, as well as those of a team or group culture. Along with the SDI, it enables people to personally reflect on the strengths or behaviours they use and the choices they make. It creates a picture of how people relate to others within their circle of influence, representing a current snapshot in time that can change with experience and new insights.


  1. The Expectations Strengths Portrait clarifies relational expectations between people. Understanding differing expectations is an important and often overlooked part of measuring and managing satisfaction, personally and professionally. Differences in expectations often lead to conflict or dissatisfaction.

“Working with Janice over the last few years has placed our organization in a stronger position. Recently Janice delivered the Strength Deployment Inventory.   Our senior leaders gained a greater understanding of each of their personal traits, along with the traits of others, as well as an understanding of the working relationships between them.   Doors opened for greater communication and cooperation throughout the group.”

~ Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing

“The staff at the WHY were positively impacted by SDI and working with Janice. Now we all have a better understanding of each other … how best to approach each other… and ultimately how to best work together to ensure the WHY reaches all our goals, both long term and short term.

Janice validated how many of us have felt and explained why we do things the way we do. She translated physical and verbal cues into an awareness that has positively changed our organization.

Thank you Janice, your expertise has truly changed our staff and in-turn our organization for the better!”

~ Logan Lake Better at Home

“Change is stressful, but Janice pushed the growth from my entire team.  After SDI, my team is communicating effectively, and when they don’t they can instantly see where the error was and learn from it, rather than blaming or not taking accountability. This has reduced the stress from the team to allow them to focus on our customers.”

~ Petland - Kamloops, BC

“We consulted Janice to assist us in improving our team approach to managing Venture Kamloops, the Thompson Nicola Regional District’s Economic Development and Tourism Corporation. Janice guided us through an engaging daylong workshop that led us all to a better understanding of each other’s motivational values and how those values influence our personal and professional interactions. The workshop gave staff the tools for developing a stronger team approach and a language for non-judgmental feedback that we can use to improve our working relationships. The process was interactive, fun and highly effective.

~ Venture Kamloops TNRD, BC

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