It’s Your Pool, Don’t Pee In It

Take charge of your professional life

We swim in a unique pool called life. The condition of the water depends on how we live and interact within our pools. When you pee in your own pool, you’re making your life murky — and probably a little miserable for everyone else. Learn how to make better choices, maintain a personal balance and determine the quality of your life experiences.

Wellness comes with many parts, not the least of which are your social and work environments. You have to make constant choices to achieve your goals and satisfy your core values, the essence of well-being.

Through her powerful and energetic delivery, Janice teaches audiences how to clean their own pools – personally and professionally, be accountable for the maintenance and enjoy the swim. The water’s great … come on in!

Revealing Results

  • Define personal, professional and organizational health
  • Align organization and employee values and perspectives to build trust throughout work culture and help attract top-performing employees
  • Rippling Results Mindmap™: Identify corporate culture’s core themes, interests and issues that are important to a large number of people; create solution-oriented plans; build effective tool for pro-active management
  • Energy Matrix™ Index for optimum health: Investigate every aspect of health, relationships and sexuality; identify where energy is invested and how that energy can help you live more efficiently and fulfilled
  • Accountable Leadership and the Power of Positive Thought: Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right!
  • Enhance team performance

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