Reflecting Possibilities

Are you teetering on the brink?

We all want to find the balance between office life and home. We’re all hungry for a better quality of life that satisfies our core values and our deepest desires.

Here’s what you don’t know: you can do it.

We have within us the power of choice, and Janice shows you how to become empowered to make your right choices.

A motivational speaker and stress-management expert, Janice provides audiences with the tools they need to design the life of their dreams. Your conference guests will learn how to look inside, listen to their inner voices, and change what isn’t working about their lives – personally and professionally. When they’re empowered to make personal and professional choices that are congruent with their values, organizations experience increased productivity, performance, morale and bottom-line results.

Revealing Results

  • Prioritize core values to get more out of the time you invest
  • Learn how to be energized and what is depleting your energy
  • Use Revealing Choices™ tools to build a plan to implement core values
  • 7 insights to enjoy more of your life
  • Strength Development: Assess character strengths and identify environments that make them flourish
  • Implement motivational value system to achieve performance targets

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