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Hear Janice tell her story and find out what a “mirthquake” is. One of Western Canada’s most engaging motivational speakers, Janice guides your conference guests on a journey toward being their best.

Professional speaker and stress-management expert Janice Otremba edutains audiences with an in-your-face style you won’t soon forget.

If you want the naked truth for your news stories, contact Janice. (Your editor might have to hit the bleep button a few times, though.)

She’s ready to talk your ear off about:

  • Stress-management strategies
  • Personal growth and accountability
  • Becoming a Leadership Lioness and empowering women in business
  • Making shift happen
  • The power of choice
  • Recognizing the signs of burnout
  • Empowerment and confidence-building
  • Life’s BS (Burnout and Stress)
  • Cut the C.R.A.P. (Can’t Recognize A Problem)

Introducing Janice

Janice Otremba is a change maker, motivational enthusiast and professional coach. She specializes in stress management, health and wellness, and corporate wellness.

A high achiever in all things, she has reached the brink of burnout twice. And twice, she has recovered. She has learned to recognize stress as an empowering and motivating tool in achieving goals and satisfying the individual’s or team’s values.

Now she shares her story and training with individuals, corporate teams and conference guests around the world.

Janice changes lives

As a keynote speaker, Janice combines her professional expertise and personal testimony, icing the cake with a wealth of energy and an unlimited passion for everyone’s success. Your conference guests will be edutained with dynamic keynotes, practical workshops and inspiring coaching services.


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Ready to get your conference guests on their feet? The “mirthquake” is a highlight of Janice’s engaging presentations. One of Western Canada’s most engaging motivational speakers, Janice guides your conference guests on a journey toward being their best.

Hot Topics

Janice’s presentations dive into:

  • How to use stress as a catalyst for positive change and growth
  • The creative, intellectual and emotional impacts stress has on employees
  • How stress costs an organization and employee health and wellness
  • How to manage, adapt and accept the process of change
  • The six cycles of change
  • The seven insights to changing your reality
  • How to listen to your body’s warning signs and prevent burnout
  • How to create a pattern of personal accountability
  • How to overcome adversity and fear through acceptance
  • How to make mind/body connections to re-energize
  • The power of choice
  • Accountable vs. responsible leadership
  • How to become your uncensored self



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Janice’s engaging, kick-you-right-in-the-butt style edutains everyone at your meeting, empowering them to make good choices at home and at work. She aims to improve productivity, success in relationships and overall happiness.

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We put Janice on at a difficult time, last day of a three-day seminar, right after breakfast. Everyone was tired and wanting to go home. Within minutes everyone was sitting up and taking notice with her humour and honesty. It is no small wonder that she rated right at the top of all the presenters we had. The consistent comment was ‘when can we have her back.’ We plan on doing that.

~ B.C. Corrections

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