We’re all a little screwed up.

That’s a bit comforting, isn’t it? Now that you know we’re all in it together …

Watch Janice tell her story and find out how to show up as yourself. One of Western Canada’s most engaging motivational speakers, Janice Otremba wants you to manage your stress and realize your true path on this crazy journey called life.

She’s the one in a million who makes you face up to the BS (Burnout & Stress) in your life and fix it. You learn the power of choice and how to embrace — not eliminate — stress.

If you are serious about personal development, wellness and stress management, Janice is the most powerful force you can have on your team.

Is it time to cut the CRAP (Can’t Recognize A Problem) and face life’s BS? Check out these video clips for a glimpse at the way Janice changes lives.

Don’t just sit there. Get up and join the fun!

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Stress Awareness: Make The Connection
What is causing your stress? Is it work? Is it the workplace environment? Or is it an accumulation of other factors?

Benefits of Managing Stress
Companies willing to manage stress in the workplace environment create tremendous changes for everyone.

Leverage Strengths, Catapult to Results
We have to get back to basics to leverage our strengths and catapult to results and our goals.

Reduce Stress Today
Janice Otremba demonstrates the most basic element to reducing stress today: breathing!

Core Values and Better Vision
Companies must share their core values with staff. The shared vision brings everyone closer to their goals.

Creating Professional Ah-has
The best part of Janice Otremba’s job is helping her clients discover their professional ah-has.

Are You Leaking?
According to Janice Otremba, we ‘leak’ when our lives are too full. Do you wake up with energy? Do you need caffeine?

Show Up As Yourself
Many individuals have different personas — a professional one at work and a more relaxed one at home.

No Such Thing as Bad Stress
Bad stress? It might feel like it sometimes, unless you learn how to use that stress to energize you.

People Who Feel Valued Do A Better Job
Companies that invest in their employees and their wellness are investing in the business’s longevity.

Clarity + Choice = Success
Janice Otremba explains her formula for catapulting toward change and your dream life.

Getting the Right Results
Janice Otremba takes pride in her professional confidence to help you build yours.

The Right Strategies To Fight Stress
Find out what works for you! Janice Otremba explains how everyone has their own mechanisms for relieving stress.

Who Benefits from Stress Management?
Whether it’s family, friends, partnerships or company organizations, everyone benefits from stress management.

Foundations of Success
New experiences can be exhilarating and exciting, but they also bring us into uncharted territories, creating stress.

Improve Your Sex Life
Managing stress can improve your life on a variety of levels, especially in the bedroom. Believe it!

Creating Stress Strategies
Did you know stress can be used as a strategic tool for business planning and management?

Every Person’s Opinion Matters
Some individuals have a tough time expressing their opinions. Janice Otremba can help you get heard.

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