Cut the Cultural BS

The conversation around cultural diversity and inclusivity should not be reserved for one day a year. Don’t get me wrong, I am not knocking having a designated day to focus on the conversation, but it isn’t enough. This is something we should be talking about everyday... read more

Success – Dumb Luck or Hard Work?

The general consensus on the internet is that the phrase “the luck of the Irish” was originally a derisive term used in the 19th century to refer to the relative success of the Irish and Irish-Americans in gold and silver mining…as if to say the only possible... read more

Are you a MILF or a WILM?

  Despite what you may hear in the media, feminism does not mean creating opportunities at the expense of men. In fact, it is about creating equality for all humans, regardless of gender or gender identity.   If you want to refer to a voice in popular culture on... read more

Your Revised Resolution: Be kind to you

So, we’re a few weeks into 2017 and I’m here to ask how you’re doing on those New Year resolutions you set for yourself: to eat more green vegetables, get better at doing push-ups, volunteer for a local charity, get more sleep, etc. Because, if you haven’t been eating... read more

Making the Cut: Celebrating me, and the new year.

Ah, it’s that time of the year. The gym is jam packed with new faces and people are swapping out their stock of chocolates and sugar cookies for organic, healthy meal plans. Everyone’s kicking off the new year with new resolutions. Except for me. My new year... read more

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