The Canadian Identity

On this eve of Canada Day, I thought a reflective discussion about what it means to be Canadian was appropriate. How we define our identity is an important part of how we ground ourselves in the world, life and work. If you ask an American, Canada is a country full of... read more

Using our storied past to pave a new future

As we approach Canada’s 150th, it is a good time to reflect on our past, check in with the present and use that knowledge to steer us in a future direction. Retired astronaut Chris Hadfield’s Canada 150 tour takes a look at the broad strokes of human and Canadian... read more

Working Dads

We throw around the term “working mom” all the time in reference to a woman who is balancing both a career and parental responsibilities, but we don’t we ever refer to a man as a “working dad”. Personally, I think the discrepancy originated from the traditional... read more

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